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The Music Machine, it's all about the songs!

Hi everyone

I'm back with another edition of the Music Machine this Saturday on the station where great music matters! It's at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern.
I hope you can come along!

In hour 1, we'll go back to a great year for music, 1982, and hear some of the songs to cast your mind back to that year.

In hour 2, I'll focus on music tracks which contain song titles in the lyrics! There are quite a few songs which refer to other songs.

The Music Machine is Begging You for Bird Seed!

Did you know that three quarters of people sing the wrong words to popular songs?

A staple of radio for decades has been a feature of Misheard Lyrics, where you think that the vocalists are singing different words to those which are correct, often leading to comical results. But genuinely, many people think the nonsense lyrics are the correct ones.

The Music Machine, Double Decades!

Hi to all

I did a similar show a couple of weeks back and people seemed to enjoy it. So this week on the Music Machine, we will be going back to 1986 in the first hour and 1976 in the second. I'll play songs which do not get radio airplay generally from both years and tell you about them too. Feel free to choose a song from one of those years if you would like to!

The show can be heard on Saturday at 7 PM in the UK and Ireland, that is 2 PM US Eastern.

The Music Machine, Music While You Work!

Hi everyone

Do join me on Saturday for the Music Machine, at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern!

You've Struck Gold, It's Sunday Gold!

Sunday is the day where we hear music from the past on Team-FM. How many of us like to read the Sunday papers, have a coffee or maybe dance around the kitchen as we wait for the Sunday roast to cook? You can still do all of that in the company of Team-FM, especially if you love your oldies.

At 10 AM UK, 5 AM US Eastern, Sunday Gold gives you the chance to hear songs from the 50's and 60's. From the up tempo tracks to get you dancing through to the slow ballads and love songs, we'll take you back to some of the greatest music ever made.

Who were the first radio DJ's in the world to play the entire Sergeant Pepper album? Find out in flashback 67!

Prime Minister Harold Wilson announced that the United Kingdom had decided to apply for EEC membership. Manchester United won the Football League First Division title. Sir Francis Chichester arrived in Plymouth after completing his single-handed sailing voyage around the world in his yacht, in nine months and one day. And The first Spring Bank Holiday occurred on a fixed date of the last Monday in May, replacing the former Whitsun holiday in England and Wales. All of those events happened in the month of May 1967.

The Music Machine, Double Decades!

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me for the Music Machine on saturday at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern.

Sing Baby Sing!

"Then I saw her face, Now I'm a believer." Most people know that part of the chorus of the 60's classic by the Monkees, even if they don't know any other lyrics of the song. But which songs really get you singing along, particularly to the chorus? In this week's Music Machine, at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern, we'll look at some of the most popular sing-a-long songs. As usual I'll tell you about them too, but which songs get you singing along whenever you hear them? It doesn't matter if you have a good voice or not!

"Doctor Doctor, I feel Like a Record!"

"Doctor Doctor, I feel like a record."
"Well spin yourself around and I'll have a listen to you."

That somewhat lame joke I've just written introduces our Music Machine theme very well this week. The show is heard on Team-FM on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern.

This week, we're throwing a party for all the good doctors and nurses who work very hard. So, if you were planning the music for the party, which songs would you choose?

The Music Machine: Are You Living the Life of Riley?

The Life of Riley goes back to a phrase that was used in the Irish-American community before 1911, but we're not going back that far. We're interested in great songs with the word Life in the title for this week's Music Machine on Team-FM, Saturday at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM Eastern. Ronan Keating thought life was a rollercoaster, but which songs can you think of with the word Life in the title?


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