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Will the Music Machine be on tomorrow? How Will I Know?

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me tomorrow for the Music Machine, 7 PM in the UK which is 2 PM US Eastern.

Lots to come in the show. At the start I'll be playing songs from 1982 and 1983, there's the Vinyl Countdown playing a single from my record collection, and "Not Now, I'm Listening", where we focus on the lyrics of a particular song. It's a great one this week!

The Music Machine, We Have it Covered.

Hi everyone

Do join me if you would like to on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, for the Music Machine, only on the station where great music matters.

Included in hour 1 is the Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song direct from an LP or single. This week, we hear about a lady called Cecilia.

The Music Machine is on the Telly!

Hi everyone

I hope you may be able to join me for the Music Machine, tomorrow at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern!

In hour 1 as well as a wide range of music, I have these features:
We'll be having a look at 2 series of compilation albums which started their lives in the early 80's, Now 1 and Hits 1. Prepared by two combinations of record labels, they fought with each other for top chart placings.
The Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song direct from a single or LP, this week goes back to 1974, and we're going to be fighting!

The Music Machine Goes Crash Bang Wallop!

Hi everyone

Please join me if you can tomorrow at 7 PM UK, 2 PM US Eastern, for the Music Machine!

In hour 1, there's the usual good mix of music spanning the decades, with an 80's feel to get us started.

The Vinyl Countdown will be along, where I play a song direct from my record collection. This week, it's from 1975 from an LP with a title containing a sentiment we must all do, and that is Face the Music!

All Afloat! The Music Machine is Rolling Down the River.

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me for this week's Music Machine on Team-FM, Saturday, at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern.

As usual, anything goes in hour 1, so if there's a particular song you would like to hear, do let me know. If we've got it, which we usually have, I'll play it!

I do have the Vinyl Countdown, playing a single or LP track, this week going back to 1978.

The Music Machine Goes Straight Ahead!

Hi everyone

Well in the title to this item, you have a clue as to the name of the opening song!

Sadly, all the Christmas and new year programming has gone, but we do have the Music Machine so that's great news. It's my chance to be with you every Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern, to share some good music with you. Anything you'd like to hear, especially for our theme in hour 2, do let me know.

It's a Vinyl Countdown Special on the Music Machine!

Hi everyone

I hope everything is going well for you with the Christmas preparations.

During my show each week, we have a feature called the Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song direct from a record. It could be a single or an album track.

For at least the first hour of tomorrow's Music Machine, at 7 PM UK, 2 PM US Eastern, every song you hear will come from a record. We'll dust them off and give them a spin. You'll hear songs from groups such as E L O, Abba, the Beach Boys, Men Without Hats and I'll throw in some festive tunes too.

The Music Machine, Buy One, Get One Free!

Hi everyone

Please join me tomorrow for another edition of the Music Machine, Saturday, 7 PM UK, 2 PM Eastern.

During the past few weeks, we've been looking at compilation albums of the past. I have another one for you this week. If you bought Volume 1 of this album at the time, you got Volume 2 free! Also, there is a song on Volume 2 that I have never heard anywhere else, apart from on the album itself.
Find out which album it is tomorrow!

In the Vinyl Countdown, I have a Christmas classic from the early 80's.

Highlights of the Weekend's Entertainment on Team-FM.

Hi everyone

We hope you're all having a fabulous weekend. Lets just tell you about some cool shows coming this weekend on Team-FM.

Totally 80's is up at 2 PM with Gary King, including the Dream Top 3, Total Recall and a special guest. Who will it be this week?

Lulu is in the Bear's Lair at 4, with friendly chat and fantastic music. We might even cajole her into playing a Christmas song or two.

Hear Festive Favourites Old and New in the Christmas Machine!

Hi everyone

As you can see on our Schedule page, starting next week we're making some changes to the music we bring you each day. We suggest you keep checking the Schedule page at
on a regular basis between now and the start of the New Year as there will be very frequent changes.


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