Wishing You a Merry Disney Princess Christmas!

Who was the first Disney princess? Which character was the first Disney princess to attend a ball? Which was the first disney princess to be non-human? And who was the first Disney princess to change hair colour?

You may know the answer to some of these questions already, but you'll certainly find out, and hear many of the songs associated with Disney princess movies, if you tune into the show hosted by Lulu and I this Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, on Team-FM!

The Merry Disney Christmas show is an annual event on Team-FM. This time, we thought we would focus on Disney princess movies. But not all the songs will be sung by princesses. There are many other aspects to the movies which are always embraced by Disney including comedy as an example. We'll reflect these differences in the show, so come along and find out more!

Not all Princesses are to be found in castles. Sometimes you find them in tiny cottages, or even in Canoes! They may not always look, or even sound like Princesses! But they're all just that little bit special. We can't wait to tell you about them!

From the very first full length Walt Disney feature film back in 1937, the Disney princesses have been some of the most popular and beloved animated characters on the silver screen. Find out more as we together journey to the magical world of Disney, the land where dreams really do come true!

Brian Hartgen