The Music Machine Attacks the Hits with a Festive Twist!

Hi to all

The Music Machine is back at the usual time of 7 PM UK on Saturday, 2 PM US Eastern. I hope you can join me for the fun and good music! We always have a good time!

As usual, we're feature packed in the show.

Compilation albums of the past. This time, I play songs from (and talk about) Hits 3 and Chart Attack.

Christmas Golden Years. Usually I focus on two years, play movie clips from them, TV adverts and the music from this week in those years. This time, we'll remember Christmas songs from the past, together with movies you've probably watched during the festive season, and those christmas TV ads.

Christmas Vinyl Countdown, playing a single from my record collection. We go back to the early 80's for this one.

Christmas Musical Treasure Hunt. See if you can find a very very old song this week through the musical clues.

I think you've got the idea, we're leading up to christmas. I hope you enjoy the show on Team-FM, where great music matters!

Brian Hartgen