The Music Machine says "Stop Right Now, Thank You Very Much"!

Hi to all

The Music Machine is back on the air once again for a show packed with features, tomorrow at the usual time of 7 PM in the UK, that is 2 PM US Eastern.

It's Thanksgiving weekend in the US, so we'll start with a couple of "thank you" songs, and there's all the usual features.

We've got Golden Years, spending 15 minutes each hour looking at the music from this week, we'll hear TV adverts, movie clips and news events. This time, it's 1988 in hour 1 and 1974 in hour 2.

Speaking of the movies, as usual we look at two various artists albums of the past, and we have two movie soundtracks this time: Dirty Dancing in hour 1, and Grease in hour 2.

There's the Vinyl Countdown, playing a single or LP track from my vinyl record collection. We'll be saying, "Put the Wor after W, Put the Wor after O, Put the Wor after R and it's away we go"!

And we mustn't forget the Musical Treasure Hunt. See if you can find the hit song from 1995 this week. For some of us it might be quite a challenge, but it is easier than you think.

All that and lots of other music too. I look forward to seeing you if you can make it.