The Music Machine: Now That's What I Call a Moment in Love!

Hi to all

I'm back on the air live this Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, for the Music Machine! Did you miss me? No don't answer that.

OK so what have we got. We're the station where great music matters, so I've got all the usual music-based features.

Vinyl Countdown, playing a song from my record collection. This week we say, "I Got You".

Compilation albums of the past. Because Now That's What I Call Music 98 is released today, Friday, we'll go back to volume 4 of that series. Did you have a copy of it? In hour 2, it's a listener's compilation choice, "Moments in Love".

There's Golden Years, where I take you to the movies, we watch TV, hear the news and the music from this week in two years. In hour 1 it is 1982 and hour 2 1978.

And of course there's the Musical Treasure Hunt. Play along and get the song we're looking for from the 1960's this week.

All that, your conversation and any requests if you send them in. I'll see you on Saturday! I'm looking forward to it!

Brian Hartgen