The Stars are Shining on the Music Machine!

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me tomorrow, Saturday, for the Music Machine at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern, on Team-FM! You can listen to us on the web, using your favourite media player, using the player on our Facebook page, within iTunes, in many radio directories including Shoutcast, Amazon Alexa, and our dedicated apps for IOS and Android.

I'd love to play any song suggestions you'd like to make, but I do have lots of features as always.

This week, the two compilation albums to review are about those pop stars: Chart Stars from 1983, and 20 Star Tracks from 1972. Both great albums and this feature is always a popular one.

In the Vinyl Countdown, playing a song from vinyl direct from my record collection, we'll be asking the question, "Who Loves You?"

In Golden Years, playing the music from this chart week, news clips, TV ads and taking you to the movies, we go back to 1980 and 1964.

I have musical treasure hunt, where you need to work out the well-known song title.

And there's even, Not Now, I'm Listening, where we stop and listen to the lyrics of a song more carefully than usual.

Is that enough features for you? If so, they are all in the Music Machine this coming week. And remember what they say, Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes!

Brian Hartgen