It's Open House, But It's a Packed Music Machine!

Hi everyone

I hope you're able to be with me this Saturday as together we enjoy the best that music can be in the Music Machine! It's all on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, right before the Love Zone.

Any song you would like to hear, I'll try to play for you. But I do have lots of music-based features too.
Compilations, where we've been looking at some of the best-selling compilation albums from past decades. This week, it's Raiders of the Pop Charts and Rock'N Roller Disco, one from the 80's and the other from the 70's.
Golden Years, where I take 15 minutes in each hour and take you back to a specific year, through music, movie clips, news and TV. In hour 1 it's 1984 and hour 2, 1967. 1967 is very special this weekend.
In The Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song direct from my vinyl collection, we'll be saying "Here is the News".

It's two hours of great music and audio. Team-FM has a lot of people joining us at the weekend for our entertainment and we're glad you tune in!

Brian Hartgen