The Doors to the Music Machine House Are Open Again!

Hi everyone

We'll return to the themed shows again soon, but it's another Open House on the Music Machine this week on Team-FM, Saturday at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern. So any song you would like to hear, do let me know!

I've got lots of features too. In our occasional series where we look at compilation albums of the past, it's Chart Hits 81 this week in hour 1, and Midnight Hustle, Hits of the 70's, in hour 2.

In Golden Years, where I take you to the movies, we watch TV and I play you the music from a particular year, we go to 1987 in hour 1 and 1974 in hour 2. And there's the Vinyl Countdown, playing a song from one of my records. This time, I play a song from the artist who will be this week's Class Act on Team-FM this Sunday.

So it's a busy one. If you'd like to suggest a song, do email, tweet @TeamFMRadio or use Facebook,

Whether you're listening at home, or out and about using our Team-FM app for I O S or Android, I hope you can join me!

Brian Hartgen