The Music Machine, the Show That Will Not Cost You an Arm and a Leg.

Hi Everyone

I look forward to being back in your company on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, for the Music Machine on the station where great music matters!

Lots of features to come, but the body of the show will be about, the body! Songs with body parts in the title. So if you'd like someone to cry on your shoulder, or maybe you think you've got hot legs or lucky lips, I'd like to hear about song titles with parts of the body in them.

Songs falling outside the theme are welcome to. I also have the Vinyl Countdown, playing a track direct from my record collection. This time, we hear a short song from 1962, one of two songs I'll be playing as featured in the movie, Dirty Dancing. The other one has a body part in the title.

I also have Golden Years, taking 15 minutes each hour to focus on a particular year with the music, chart positions and audio news clips. This time, it's 1982 in hour 1, and 1975 in hour 2. Have memories of those years? Do let me know.

You can email, or use Facebook and Twitter, TeamFMRadio.

That's the Music Machine, for your, ears, only!

Brian Hartgen