Saluting the Pirates and the Motown Story this Sunday!

On Sunday, we have two special programmes for you.

At 4 PM, as part of Team-FM's Docking Station comprising music-based documentaries, we begin the Motown Story. What is good about listening to these documentaries is that you get to hear from artists and groups of the time, some of whom are now no longer with us. In part 1, you will hear from artists such as Berry Gordy, Barrett Strong, Mary Wells, Joe Billingsley and Marvin Gaye.
It's a fascinating well-narrated story!

Then at 5 PM it's Our Time, the show where we celebrate music of the 60's and 70's.

At midnight on 14 August 1967, the MarineBroadcasting (Offences) Act came into effect in the United Kingdom. It created a criminal offence of supplying music, commentary, advertising, fuel, food, water or other assistance to any ship or offshore structure such as a former World war 2 fort.
This effectively stopped the broadcasting of most of the pirate radio stations in the 1960's which had become famous for bringing an increased level of pop music to Britain.

Radio London, or Big L, with its top 40 format, was probably the most professional of the stations. Big L closed down during the afternoon of 14 August 1967. During Our Time this week, we're going to hear Radio London's final hour which has been remastered using the latest technology to provide a great listening experience. The music, appearances from special guests, the jingles and the commercials will all be there.

Then, we'll cross to Radio Caroline, and hear the majority of the first hour from 12 A M on 15 August, since they defied the law and continued broadcasting. This too has been totally remastered to include full-length songs played at the time.

So wonderful 60's memories to come in this edition of Our time and the start of the Motown Story. Find out why we're called your Education Station!