The Music Machine says: Greetings Music Lovers!

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me for the Music Machine this Saturday at the usual time of 7 PM UK, 2 PM US Eastern. As usual there's a lot to get into the show!

This week, I'm looking for your songs with greetings or salutations within them. I'm thinking of songs such as Lionel Richie's Hello, or Train with Hey Soul Sister! Anything that could be used to address people when you meet them or leave them.

I also have the Vinyl Countdown, a song from my record collection, and it will be an LP track this week. And in Golden Years, we hear the tracks and the news clips from 1984 and 1979.

I'll also play your song requests fitting into the theme, or even if they don't. on the email, TeamFMRadio on Facebook and Twitter.

I'll say hello to you and wave goodbye in the Music Machine! Do join me.

Brian Hartgen