The Music Machine Says: We Love You!

Hi to everyone

I hope you can join me for a show packed full of features on Saturday at 7 PM UK which this week is at 3 PM US Eastern! The Music Machine is back!

This week we have all the usual features.
Golden Years, taking 15 minutes out of each hour to remember this week in a year through music, movies, TV and our memories. I use the word, "our", because you send in memories too. This week, it's 1983 in hour 1 and 1976 in hour 2. Listen out for the great football commentary in 1976! Someone's more than thrilled that a goal has been scored!
Compilation album review, where we enjoy various artist albums of the past. This week, it's the Greatest Hits of 1985 in hour 1, and Wings of Love in hour 2.
In the Vinyl Countdown, playing a song from my record collection, we'll hear about a lady who has Caviar and cigarettes, and who is Well versed in etiquette.
And there's the Musical Treasure Hunt. See if you can find the song title!

All that and any requests if you care to send them in.

It's all on Team-FM, the station where great music matters! It really does!

Brian Hartgen