It's All Change at the Docking Station.

Hi to all

We're very pleased with the feedback we received relating to the Evolution of Rock documentary which we've been running for over a year. We now move to a new documentary, the History of Rock and Roll. This tells the story of rock and pop music from a very different perspective.

Some internet radio stations in the past have run the programme originally produced in 1978. We've decided to run the 1989 edition for lots of good reasons. We expect this to run for about a year, and we already know what we will be broadcasting in the same time slot in 2018 and 2019. That's called planning ahead.

This week we also conclude the Motown Story, so we'll be moving to something else the following week in the second hour of the Docking Station.

The Docking Station always airs between 3 and 5 PM UK time on Sundays, right before Our Time with Brian Hartgen.

Enjoy the new documentaries we have coming up for you, and learn why Team-FM is your education station!