The Inside Track is Backk

Hi all. After a short break, Brian D is back, to take you on the Inside Track each Saturday on Team Fm. At 9PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 4PM Eastern, you’ll hear the inside story on all those Albums from the past, present and future.

The Music Machine has the Vinyl Countdown Special!

Hi everyone

The Music Machine is back on the air this Saturday at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern, and it's a special show!

For the first half-hour, I'll play anything you would like to hear, and we'll look at a compilation album as I often do, this time it's Night Moves, released in the 70's.

It's the Weekend, Take me Home

Hi everyone. I love the phrase, there’s no place like Home. Today at 7PM in Ireland and the UK, 2PM Eastern, I would love it if you could join me, Brian D, in my home on Team Fm, the station where great Music matters, where I will Welcome you to the Weekend. I’ll get your Weekend off on the right track, with 2 hours of feel good music, and plenty of friendly banter.

It's Open House, But It's a Packed Music Machine!

Hi everyone

I hope you're able to be with me this Saturday as together we enjoy the best that music can be in the Music Machine! It's all on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, right before the Love Zone.

The Doors to the Music Machine House Are Open Again!

Hi everyone

We'll return to the themed shows again soon, but it's another Open House on the Music Machine this week on Team-FM, Saturday at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern. So any song you would like to hear, do let me know!

I've got lots of features too. In our occasional series where we look at compilation albums of the past, it's Chart Hits 81 this week in hour 1, and Midnight Hustle, Hits of the 70's, in hour 2.

Welcome to the Weekend Everyone!

Hi everyone. Today, at 7PM in Ireland and the UK, 2PM Eastern, it will be the time for me, Brian D to say Welcome to the Weekend everyone. I look forward to spending 2 hours with you as we close out the working week, and get the Weekend on track together. I’ll have plenty of the hottest feel good music around, mixed with warm and friendly banter. Feel free to drop in where ever you are in the world.

The Music Machine is back, and it's Open House!

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me again for the Music Machine, Saturday at the usual time of 7 PM UK which is 2 PM Eastern in America.

This week, we're not having a theme, so if there's anything at all you would like to hear, do let me know. We do have plenty of features as well.

It's All Change at the Docking Station.

Hi to all

We're very pleased with the feedback we received relating to the Evolution of Rock documentary which we've been running for over a year. We now move to a new documentary, the History of Rock and Roll. This tells the story of rock and pop music from a very different perspective.

The Weekend will be Here in a Heartbeat

Hi everyone. The working week is almost at an end, and the Weekend will definitely be here in a Heartbeat. In fact, your official Welcome to the Weekend, will be given by me, Brian D, at 7PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2PM Eastern. Where ever you are in the World, and whatever you are up too, your Weekend will begin. I’ll have 2 hours of upbeat Toe tapping tunes, along with lots of friendly banter to get your Weekend off on the right track.

The Music Machine says: "Tell Me a Story, Then I'll Go To Bed".

Not many people will recognise that song by Frankie Lane from 1953. But it partly sums up our Music Machine theme this week, although we don't want you to go to bed right after it because the Inside Track with Brian D is on. But do tune into the Music Machine on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern!


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